National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark

Kazakhstan - Ұлттық индустриялық нефтехимиялық технопарк

national industrial petrochemical technopark Kazakhstan Ұлттық индустриялық нефтехимиялық технопарк Қазақстан Национальный индустриально-нефтехимический технопарк Казахстана 哈萨克斯坦国家工业石化技术园区 카자흐스탄 국립 산업 석유화학 테크노파크 カザフスタン国立産業石油化学テクノパーク

Established in 2007 with a lease set to expire at the end of 2032, the National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark (NIPT) aimed at catalyzing breakthrough investment projects within the petrochemical sector, particularly those involving products derived from petroleum, such as polyethylene. While the park’s infrastructure took years to develop, the impending lease expiration in 2032 raises concerns for long-term investors unless an extension is granted.

Priority Activities and Incentives of
National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark

NIPT’s Special Economic Zone (SEZ) focuses on chemical and petrochemical production. To attract investors, the SEZ offers significant preferences, including a 0% Corporate Income Tax, VAT exemption for suppliers, zero Land Tax, Property Tax, and Land plot rent. The SEZ also streamlines visa procedures for international employees.

Tenants entering into a Special Investment Contract with the investment committee enjoy exemptions from import customs duties and VAT payment when importing goods as part of finished products produced within the SEZ. Specific conditions apply, including adherence to customs procedures and compliance with the Republic of Kazakhstan’s customs legislation.

Infrastructure and Development of
National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark

NIPT boasts a comprehensive existing infrastructure, featuring access roads, power transmission lines, substations, and essential facilities such as fire stations, customs control checkpoints, and security checkpoints. The infrastructure is designed to support the current needs of the park.

Development Stages

The park’s development unfolds in two stages. The first stage includes critical elements like a fire station, customs control checkpoint, and security checkpoint, while the second stage introduces additional facilities such as residential buildings, repair shops, and storage warehouses. Production infrastructure comprises a gas-turbine power plant, technical gases plant, and water treatment plant.

Current Projects

NIPT is home to several ongoing projects, including a 310 MW gas-turbine power plant operated by “Karabatan Utility Solutions” LLP, and the production of polypropylene, polyethylene, polymer products, butadiene, and synthetic rubber by various companies.

Atyrau: City Overview

Formerly known as Guriev between 1708 and 1992, Atyrau stands as a former Russian strategic fort divided by the Ural River. Today, it serves as a crucial junction between Europe and Asia, evolving into a hub for the oil-rich Caspian Depression.

Atyrau’s economic landscape is dominated by the oil industry, contributing 73% of the country’s hydrocarbon reserves, 47% of oil, and 36% of gas production. The city’s share of the country’s total GDP reached 10.6% in 2013, with a notable gross regional product (GRP) per capita.

Key Stakeholders

Ownership of the industrial projects in Atyrau involves National Company “KazMunayGas” (KMG) and Samruk-Kazyna Ondeu, with a 49.5% stake each. Samruk-Kazyna Ondeu operates under the guidance of “National Welfare Fund Samruk kazyna” Joint-Stock Company, created to implement chemical industry projects on behalf of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Additional Details for National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark

  • Total area: 3,476 hectares
  • Key industrial sectors: Petrochemical products
  • Tenants: Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc, Westgasoil Caspian, Karabatan Chemical Corporation
  • Electricity supply: Power transmission line (110 kV overhead line)
  • Security: Fire station;
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