Special Economic Zone Seaport Aktau

Kazakhstan - Арнайы Экономикалық Аймақ Су-Агтау

Special Economic Zone Seaport Aktau Kazakhstan Арнайы Экономикалық Аймақ Су-Агтау Специальная экономическая зона Морской порт Актау 特殊经济区 里海港奥赛 특별 경제 구역 세아크타우 항구 المنطقة الاقتصادية الخاصة ميناء أكتاو 特定経済区 シーポートアクタウ

The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Seaport Aktau, established in 2003, is dedicated to the development of export-oriented manufacturing, leveraging the main port of Kazakhstan, which connects through the Caspian Sea. The SEZ offers a special legal regime, including tax exemptions, customs exemptions, and a land plot free of charge until 2028 in a designated area, providing a conducive environment for investment and industrial development.

Operations and Functions of  Special Economic Zone Seaport Aktau

JSC “SEZ Seaport Aktau,” established under the new Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, plays a pivotal role in involving members in the SEZ, assisting participants in realizing their investment projects, signing and terminating contracts, attracting investments for infrastructure construction, and providing utility services to SEZ participants. The SEZ aims to promote and support key industries in the Mangystau region, ensuring the maximum development of highly efficient manufacturing industries, tourism, transport, and logistics potential within its territory.

The ports of Aktau and Kuryk have been incorporated into the SEZ following a presidential decree to enhance Kazakhstan’s transport and logistics potential, creating one of the largest international transport corridors with leading logistics companies. This expansion is expected to boost investment in the Mangystau Region and facilitate the construction of a container hub at the Aktau port by the end of 2025, along with the full equipment of ports with modern transshipment units. The SEZ’s strategic location and connectivity through the Aktau port, which accounts for 40% of the total transportation traffic on the Caspian Sea, further solidify its position as a key hub for international trade and logistics.

Implemented Projects at Special Economic Zone Seaport Aktau

The SEZ hosts a diverse range of implemented projects, including the production of fiberglass products, antifreeze, thermal panels, waterproofing materials, steel pipes, expanded clay stone, and more. These projects contribute to the region’s industrial growth and export potential, with goods produced within the SEZ regularly exported to over 15 countries worldwide. The SEZ’s special legal regime, tax exemptions, and customs duties waivers have propelled investment projects, fostering the region’s industrial capabilities and innovative technologies.

In conclusion, the Special Economic Zone Seaport Aktau represents a strategic platform for export-oriented manufacturing and industrial development in Kazakhstan. With its special legal regime, expansion of port facilities, and diverse range of implemented projects, the SEZ continues to attract investment and contribute to the economic growth and export potential of the region.


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Chemical Start Group LLP: Constructed an antifreeze plant.

KazEcoBuild LLP: Established a workshop for the production of thermal panels.

SATEX CHEMIE LLP: Produced solid and liquid waterproofing materials based on bitumen.

Kazakhstan Pipe Threaders LLP: Operates a plant for the production of pipes with gas-tight threaded connections of premium class.

KazTrub-Industries LLP: Developed a plant for the production of high-pressure fiberglass pipes.

ATC Management LLP: Completed the “Rixos Water World Aktau” hotel complex.

JSC Arcelor Mittal Tubular Products Aktau: Established a plant for the production of large-diameter steel pipes.

WestEcoPlast LLP: Engaged in the production of soft packaging containers, specifically big bags.

Aktau Keramzit LLP: Operates a plant for the production of expanded clay stone.

Azersun Production and Logistics Center LLP: Operates a warehouse for fruits, vegetables, and food products.

DSK Karaoikurylys LLP: Involved in the construction of a house-building plant.




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