Northern Region Industrial Estate

The Northern Region Industrial Estate is the first regional industrial estate in Thailand, built in accordance with the Thai Government’s policy for decentralization of industrial estate development zones. The project consists of administration buildings, housing and empty land planned and fully developed for small and medium sized industries. Also included in the project were integrated road network, power distribution and lighting system. The development had its own flood control system, drainage and sewerage system together with its own central wastewater treatment plant and solid disposal plant. The water supply and distribution had its own treatment plant.

Additional Details

  • Total area: 286 hectares (1,788 rai)
  • Electricity supply: Three-phase high voltage power system supplying 120MW and 22kW of power
  • Wastewater treatment: maximum capacity of up to 15,000 cubic meters/day. Can handle an organic loading rate up to 6,000 KgBoD/day.
  • Water supply: Raw water used in year-round water supply production is surface water from Kuang River pumped and stored in a 500,000-cubic-meter reservoir, 70-rai (28-acre) area of land. The current daily water supply capacity is approximately 30,000 cubic meters.
  • Drainage / flood protection: Open concrete drainage ditch system that runs alongside roads within the estate serves as part of the flood protection system. Additional flood protection is provided by a 10-kilometer, earth-filled embankment with drainage canals running alongside
  • Internal road system: Primary road 40 metres – Secondary roads 25 metres
  • Airport: Chiang Mai Airport: 27 kilometres
  • Free trade/bonded area: I-EA-T Free Zone: 322 acre