Pinthong Industrial Estate 6

Thailand - นิคมอุตสาหกรรมปิ่นทอง 6

Pinthong Industrial Estate 6

The lastest offering from Pinthong is in the process of construction. Pinthong Industrial Estate 6 estate contrasts to the other five industrial estates by the same developer is its more southerly location closer to Map Ta Phut port and U-Tapao airport near Pattaya which is promising to be far more developed in the coming decade. The industrial estate offers warehousing and ready built factories as well as land plots.

Pinthong Industrial Park Plc (PIN) anticipates a surge in land sales, projecting 420 rai in the eastern provinces of Chon Buri and Rayong. The driving force behind this growth is attributed to substantial investments from China in the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing sector.

The Thai government’s emphasis on promoting EV production and consumption, marked by tax incentives and subsidies, is a pivotal factor contributing to the positive sales outlook.

Diversified Investment Impact

Anticipated investments extend beyond EV manufacturing, with a positive impact expected from diverse sectors, including data center development, contributing to industrial land sales growth.

The collaborative efforts between the Thai and Chinese governments, marked by open economic policies, play a crucial role in fostering increased investment in Thailand, according to Pira Patamavorakulchai, CEO of PIN.

Company Performance and Outlook

PIN experienced remarkable business performance in 2022, witnessing a 94% YoY increase in total revenue, reaching 1.1 billion baht. Profit also soared by 125%, totaling 325 million baht. The revenue surge is attributed to heightened industrial land sales, income from the factory and warehouse business, and infrastructure services. The company foresees further expansion in 2023, leveraging increased land sales and diverse revenue streams.

Additional Details for Pinthong Industrial Estate 6

  • Total area: 213 hectares (1,332 rai)
  • Electricity supply: Substation 2×50 MW Voltage 22-115 KV
  • Wastewater treatment: 4,000 cu.m./day 
  • Water supply: 5,000 cu.m./day 
  • Internal road system: 4 lanes (35 m width) Secondary Road 2-4 lanes (21-30 m width)
  • Seaport: Map Ta Phut Deepsea Port 20 km, Laem Chabang Deepsea Port 55 km
  • Airport: U-tapao Airport 40 km
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