Pekan Belait Industrial Park

Brunei - Taman Perindustrian Pekan Belait

Pekan Belait Industrial Park Taman Perindustrian Pekan Belait, Brunei 文莱勿里洞工业园 ペカン・ベライト工業団地、ブルネイ 브루나이 페칸 벨라이트 산업 공원 حديقة بيكان بلايت الصناعية، بروناي

Situated on a sprawling 33 hectares, Pekan Belait Industrial Park stands as the most westerly industrial estate in the Kingdom of Brunei. This strategically located park serves as a hub for industrial activities, fostering economic growth and development in the region.

In alignment with its commitment to bolster local businesses, Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) announces the inauguration of a new office within Pekan Belait Industrial Park. This move signifies a strengthened dedication to supporting enterprises within the Belait District.

Tailored Services at Pekan Belait Industrial Park

The newly established office is geared towards providing tailored services to tenants situated in key regions, including Sungai Duhon, Pekan Belait, Sungai Bera, and Mumong. This initiative aims to enhance accessibility and support for businesses in these areas.

Tenant Spotlights

Azima Sendirian Berhad
A provider of Mechanical Sales & Services, Scaffolding (Rental & Services), and Instrumentation Sales & Services.
Emphasis on value creation through cost-effective solutions and a commitment to quality.

Incorporated in 2016 with a focus on delivering value-add solutions competitively.
Expertise in maintenance, retrofitting, refurbishment of critical rotating equipment, and various onshore and offshore services.

Qet Brunei

Quality Engineering Technology
Specializing in quality engineering technology.

Techoil Company Sdn Bhd

Diverse services including provision, fabrication, rental, calibration, and more for esteemed clients like Petronas Carigali Brunei, JEL Borneo, Shell EPA, and Halliburton.

These initiatives underscore the commitment to economic growth by developing local capabilities, creating employment opportunities, and maximizing local resources. The diverse expertise of tenants aligns with Brunei’s vision for a thriving and diversified economy.

Additional Details for Pekan Belait Industrial Park

  • Total area: 33.42 hectares
  • Key industrial sectors: Light-Medium industries and Services.
  • Seaport: 124 km to Muara Port
  • Airport: 113 km to Brunei International Airport
  • Utilities: Readily prepared site with connection to utilities and road access (Electrical Supply, Telecom, Water Connection and Waste Water Management)

  • Rental Fee: Rental Fee for Industrial Park $7.00 per m² (annually) + Maintenance Fee $0.52 per m

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