Bukit Panggal Industrial Park

Brunei - Taman Perindustrian Bukit Pangnggal

Bukit Panggal Industrial Estate Brunei

Bukit Panggal Industrial Park covers 50 hectares of land, which have been designated for energy-intensive manufacturing companies. The park is next to a 100-MW combined-cycle power plant.

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Location: 44km to Airport; 55km to Muara Port
Total Area: 50 hecatres
Utilities: Site preparation completed.
Industries: Medium industries. Energy intensive manufacturing.
Rental Fee: Rental Fee for Industrial Park $7.00 per sqm (annually) + Maintenance Fee $0.52 per sqm

Bukit Panggal power stationĀ is a 110-megawatt (MW) natural gas power station in Tutong district, Brunei.

Project Details
Owner: Brunei Department of Electrical Services [100%]
Parent: Brunei Ministry of Energy [100%]
Location: Bukit Panggal, Tutong, Brunei
Coordinates: 4.8282, 114.7461 (exact)
Gross generating capacity (operating): 110 MW
Unit 1: Natural gas combined cycle, 110 MW(start-up in 2008)
Gross generating capacity (cancelled): 500 MW
Unit 2: Natural gas combined cycle, 500 MW (no start up date)

Near to Bukit Panggal Industrial Park

Kampong Bukit Panggal is a village in Tutong District, Brunei, about 10 kilometres from the district town Pekan Tutong. The population was 801 in 2016. The village primary school is Bukit Panggal Primary School. It also shares grounds with Bukit Panggal Religious School, the village school for the country’s Islamic religious primary education. The village mosque is Ar-Rahim Mosque. It was inaugurated on 17 May 2019 by Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and can accommodate about 800 to 1000 worshippers.