Poti Sea Port

Georgia - ფოთის საზღვაო პორტი

Poti Sea Port Georgia ფოთის საზღვაო პორტი - საქართველო Порт Поти - Республика Грузия 波第海港 - 格鲁吉亚共和国 Hafen von Poti - Republik Georgien ポティシーポート - ジョージア共和国 포티 해운 항구 - 그루지야 공화국 Poti Deniz Limanı - Gürcistan Cumhuriyeti

The Poti Sea Port, situated along the eastern Black Sea coast at the Rioni River mouth, is the primary container port for the Republic of Georgia. As a pivotal component of the Trans-Caucasus Transit Corridor, it establishes a crucial link between Georgia and Azerbaijan, presenting a potential alternative transport route connecting Europe and Asia.

This versatile port plays a central role in handling container, liquid, dry bulk cargo, and passenger ferries. Boasting 15 berths, a total quay length of 2,900 meters, over 20 quay cranes, and 17 km of rail track, the multi-purpose facility caters to diverse shipping needs.

Functioning as a European gateway, the port facilitates international trade for Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, with strategic positioning to evolve into a hub for Central Asia trade. It provides direct ferry connections to Black Sea ports in Ukraine, Russia, and Bulgaria and integrates seamlessly with the national railway network, offering access to key cities throughout Georgia.

Further investments at Poti Sea Port

In 2020, APM Terminals Poti, the operator of the port, announced its plans to create a deep-water port by investing over 250 million USD of private capital for phase 1 and a substantial amount for phase 2 in an extensive development of the port infrastructure and superstructure. The second stage will include a 300m container quay equipped with 3 state-of-the-art STS cranes. It will double the annual container capacity at Poti Sea Port to over 1 million TEU.

In the current year, the Poti Sea Port in Georgia has witnessed a notable surge in eastbound volume, marking an impressive 80 per cent increase compared to the preceding year of 2022. Conversely, the growth in westbound traffic is less pronounced, indicating a modest nine per cent upturn compared to the corresponding period last year. The Poti Sea Port plays a crucial role in facilitating cargo transportation between Europe and Asia via the Middle Corridor, leveraging its strategic location along the Black Sea. Notably, the port is proactively investing in enhancing synergies between its operations and the surrounding rail infrastructure to further optimize its capabilities.

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Operators at Poti Sea Port

  • BSA Georgia as agent of EVERGREEN MARINE CORP.
  • GNS Georgia as agent of COSCO Shipping Lines
  • Wilhelmsen as agent of ONE -Ocean Network Express
  • Eisa as agent of HAPAG-LLOYD in Georgia
  • ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd
  • Arkas Georgia LLC
  • Sealand – A Maersk Company
  • MLH Shipping Georgia LLC
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