Tbilisi International Airport

Georgia - თბილისის საერთაშორისო აეროპორტი

Tbilisi International Airport Georgia თბილისის საერთაშორისო აეროპორტი Tiflis Uluslararası Havalimanı 第比利斯国际机场

Tbilisi International Airport, located 17 km southeast of Tbilisi, serves as the primary international gateway to Georgia.

TAV Georgia offers comprehensive ground handling services at Tbilisi Airport, covering passenger and baggage services, unit load device control, ramp operations, aircraft cleaning, load control, and communications, in compliance with the IATA Ground Handling Agreement.

Cargo Handling and Customs Services at Tbilisi International Airport

Three private cargo handling companies, including Georgian Post, Lasare, and Tbilisi Cargo Service, operate around Tbilisi Airport, providing customs services and cargo handling with aviation facilities. The Customs Duty Management building is adjacent to Lasare’s cargo office.

The Georgian authorities are evaluating the construction of a new airport near Tbilisi, aiming to position Georgia as an aviation hub. Potential locations include the Vaziani military airfield or expanding the existing airport.

Georgia currently hosts three international airports, with Tbilisi Airport being the largest. TAV Airports, a Turkish company, manages Tbilisi Airport until 2027. The authorities are considering building a new airport to accommodate increasing passenger flow and enhance air cargo handling capacity.

Geopolitical Shifts and Aviation Growth

Georgia seeks to become a major transit corridor between the East and West. Despite the recent resumption of direct flights with Russia, the impact on Georgian aviation remains uncertain. The potential for Georgia to compete with major regional transit hubs is a subject of discussion.

The decision to build a new airport or expand the existing one is under consideration, reflecting Georgia’s aspirations to become a prominent player in the aviation sector. The geopolitical landscape and recent developments in air travel will shape the country’s future as it aims to enhance its role in regional connectivity.

Additional Details for Tbilisi International Airport

  • Runway: Two: 3,000 m & 2,500 m
  • International destinations: Munich, Minsk, Amsterdam, London, Doha
  • Surface: Concrete/Asphalt to ICAO standard.
  • Largest helicopter that can land: Mi-26
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