Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate

Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate is one of the largest planned industrial estates of Punjab, spread over an area of 565 acres. It has 477 industrial plots of various sizes varying from 0.5 to 5 hectares. The Industries located in the estate comprise of Textile, Dyeing & Printing, Auto Parts, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Household Appliances, Plastic ware, Chemicals, Rubber / Foam, Cosmetics etc. A total of 50,000 workers are employed which includes approximately 10,000 female workers.

Additional Details

  • Total area: 565 acres
  • Water supply: 100,000 gallon tank & Lying of Water Supply Lines all over the Estate
  • Drainage / flood protection: 12.5 km industrial drains
  • Security: We provide security round the clock through our own vehicles alongwith police personnel.