Rojana Industrial Park Ayutthaya

Rojana Industrial Park Ayutthaya is a full-serviced industrial park with more than 12,000 rai in U-Thai District, Ayutthaya Province. It is located on Rojana Road which is connected to Thailand’s Major Highway No.32 (Asian Highway) which made Rojana Ayutthaya project become a logistics hub for the country.

Rojana Industrial Park Ayutthaya is conveniently linked to major sea ports (Bangkok seaport), highways and outer ring roads. It takes only an hour from downtown Bangkok and one hour from Suvannabhumi International Airport.

Additional Details

  • Total area; 1,920 hectares (12,000 rai)
  • Year opened: 1989
  • Key industrial sectors: – Agriculture and Agricultural Products – Mining, Ceramics and Basic Metals – Light Industry – Metal Products, Machinery and Transport Equipment – Electronic Industry and Electric Appliances – Chemicals, Paper and Plastics – Services and Public Utilities
  • Electricity supply: Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand (PEA) – 2 substations on-site with total capacity 160 MW (22 kV and 115 kV) 2. Rojana subsidiary company :Rojana Power Co.,Ltd. – Qwn power plant with capacity 265 MW (22 kV) – Back up power when emergency
  • Natural gas: Available from PTT PLC.
  • Wastewater treatment: Total Capacity of wastewater treatment plant 50,000 cu.m./day
  • Water supply: Surface water : Pasakriver,Raphiphat Canal 2. Underground water Total capacity : 75,000 cu.m. / day with std. supply 10 cu.m./rai/day
  • Drainage / flood protection: – Sheet pile damp protection height 6.05 m from mean sea level – Effective U-shape gutter and box culvert
  • Telecommunications: Telephone ,mobile phone,high speed internet (ADSL,ISDN,lead lines) by TOT,TT&T,CAT
  • Security: CCTV, security guard 24 hours
  • Fire safety: Fire fightingstanby team , Installment of high-pressure pipe around the site for connection to fire hoses 
  • Seaport: Bangkok Seaport 75 km
  • Airport: Suvarnabhumi International Airport 84 km
  • Ready built factories: 1,000-6,000 sq.m.
  • Tax incentives: BOI Privilege Zone 2