Rojana Rayong Pluak Daeng

Thailand - โรจนา ระยอง ปลวกแดง อุตสาหกรรม

Rojana Rayong Pluak Daeng Thailand โรจนา ระยอง ปลวกแดง อุตสาหกรรม ロジャナ ラヨン プルアック デン インダストリアル エステート 罗加那 拉勇 布鲁阿克登 工业园区 로자나 라용 뿔락 댕 산업단지 روجانا رايونج بلواك دينغ المنطقة الصناعية রোজানা রায়ঙ প্লুয়াক দেঙ শিল্প এস্টেট

Rojana Rayong Pluak Daeng, a development by Rojana with a longstanding reputation, is strategically situated within 50km of Laem Chabang Port and 30km of Map Ta Phut port. Easily accessible from Sriracha, the industrial estate boasts robust infrastructure for water supply, drainage, electricity, and natural gas.

Positioned in Southeast Thailand, only 150km from Bangkok, Rojana Rayong Pluak Daeng stands as a well-established location for automakers and vendors. Surrounded by advanced automotive companies, it is an ideal hub for related industries seeking a strong regional presence.

Infrastructure and Target Industries at Rojana Rayong Pluak Daeng

The estate ensures seamless connectivity to major ports and offers enhanced infrastructure, making it an attractive prospect for industries such as Agriculture, Mining, Ceramics, Metal Products, Machinery, Electronic, Electric Appliances, Chemicals, Paper, and Plastics.

Rojana Industrial Park Public Company Limited, the developer, engages in real estate development, electricity generation, industrial water production and distribution, rental services, and medical services. With a presence in Ayutthaya, Rayong, and Chonburi Provinces, the company’s offerings extend across diverse sectors.

Key Tenants

Vanich Concrete Co., Ltd

Business Focus: Manufacturing and distribution of precast concrete products, including fences, backfill sheets, and reinforced concrete products.

QTC Energy PCL

Formerly Quality Transformer Company Limited: Established in 1996, QTC Energy specializes in producing and distributing distribution transformers. The company, listed on the MAI Stock Exchange since 2011, has a rich history and is recognized for producing high-quality transformers meeting international standards.

QTC Energy focuses on continuous improvement, adhering to international standards from design to material selection. The company utilizes a computerized system for transformer design, with engineers possessing extensive experience. Employing state-of-the-art technologies and importing key machinery from Germany, QTC Energy ensures stringent quality control throughout the production process.

In summary, Rojana Rayong Pluak Daeng Industrial Estate, developed by Rojana, is a strategically located hub offering world-class infrastructure, attracting diverse industries with a focus on quality and international standards.

Additional Details for Rojana Rayong Pluak Daeng

  • Total area: 240 hectares (1,500 rai)
  • Key industrial sectors: – Agriculture and Agricultural Products – Mining, Ceramics and Basic Metals – Light Industry – Metal Products, Machinery and Transport Equipment – Electronic Industry and Electric Appliances – Chemicals, Paper and Plastics – Services and Public Utilities 
  • Electricity supply: Feeder 10 MW (22 kV and 115 kV) 
  • Natural gas: Available from PTT PLC.
  • Wastewater treatment: Total Capacity of wastewater treatment plant 2,400 cu.m./day
  • Water supply: Sources of water Sources of raw water from EAST WATER GROUP Reservior of 40,000 cu.m. in the park Total capacity is 3,000 cu.m. / day Standard supply is 7 cu.m. / rai / day
  • Telecommunications: Telephone ,mobile phone,high speed internet (ADSL,ISDN,lead lines) by TOT,TT&T,CAT
  • Security: CCTV, security guard 24 hours
  • Fire safety: Fire fighting stanby team , Installment of high-pressure pipe around the site for connection to fire hoses 
  • Seaport: Map Ta Phut Deep Sea Port 30km
  • Ready built factories: Area : 1,000-6,000 sqm

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