Rojana Rayong Ban Khai

Rojana Rayong Ban Khai is located in the proximity of 60km to Laem Chabang Port, the largest port in Thailand base for international maritime transport, also, 32km to Map Ta Phut port. Easy to access to this location from Sriracha town and estate offers high quality infrastructure of water supply and drainage, electricity, natural gas, etc.

The location is home to many automotive companies.

Additional Details Rojana Rayong Ban Khai

  • Total area: 480 hectares (3,000 rai)
  • Electricity supply: – 2 substations on-site with total capacity 50 MW (22 kV and 115 kV) 
  • Natural gas: Available from PTT PLC.
  • Water supply: Reservior of 1,000,000 cu.m. in the park Total capacity is 12,000 cu.m. / day with std. supply 10 cu.m./rai/day 
  • Telecommunications: Telephone ,mobile phone,high speed internet (ADSL,ISDN,lead lines) by TOT,TT&T,CAT
  • Security: CCTV, security guard 24 hours
  • Fire safety: Fire fighting stanby team , Installment of high-pressure pipe around the site for connection to fire hoses