Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone

Malaysia - Zon Perindustrian Bebas Sama Jaya

Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone Malaysia Sarawak Zon Perindustrian Bebas Sama Jaya 沙马佳自由工业区 منطقة سما جايا الصناعية الحرة サマ・ジャヤ自由工業地帯 사마 자야 자유 산업 지대

Established by the Government of Malaysia in 1991, Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone (FIZ) in Sarawak was created with the aim of developing an integrated electronics manufacturing zone. Over the years, the zone has successfully attracted major multinational technology companies seeking to establish robust manufacturing operations, encompassing processes from silicon wafer foundry to circuit semiconductor design. In addition, initiatives to promote solar industries are currently underway within the zone.

Expansion Plans and Government Incentives at Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone

In response to the zone’s growing success, the Sarawak state government has identified a new site in Samarahan for the expansion of the Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone, as the high-tech park has nearly reached its full capacity. Companies operating within the FIZ enjoy various government incentives, including exemptions from sales and services tax. Moreover, entities granted pioneer status within the zone benefit from exemptions from import and export tariffs, a 35% corporate income tax, and a 5% development tax for a period of five to ten years. Upon expiration of the income tax exemption, companies have the option to apply for investment tax credit exemption for an additional five to ten years. The government also offers subsidies for water, electricity, and other physical infrastructure support within the zone.

Strategic Location and Infrastructure

Sama Jaya FIZ is strategically located 12 km from Kuching International Airport, 6 km from Kuching port, and 16 km from the city center. The zone is well-equipped with an extensive network of roads, drainage systems, electricity substations, water supplies, and telephone networks. Additionally, IPVPN, Fibre Optics, and ADL/ADSL internet connections are readily available within the zone, ensuring reliable connectivity for businesses operating there.

Industry Collaborations and Tenants


In 2015, X-Fab, the world’s leading foundry group for analog/mixed-signal semiconductor applications, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the engineering faculty of Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) for research and development purposes. This collaboration was further expanded with Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus, showcasing Sama Jaya FIZ’s commitment to fostering industry-academic partnerships.

X-FAB Sarawak, as a key tenant within the zone, holds a prominent position as the world’s leading foundry group for analog/mixed-signal semiconductor applications. With a strong focus on advanced analog and mixed-signal process technologies, X-FAB specializes in manufacturing wafers for various applications, including those in automotive, industrial, consumer, medical, and other sectors. The company’s extensive manufacturing sites across Germany, France, Malaysia, and the USA boast a combined capacity of approximately 100,000 eight-inch equivalent wafer starts per month, solidifying Sama Jaya FIZ’s position as a hub for advanced semiconductor manufacturing.

East Coast Freight Forwarders

A market-leading integrated logistics company, is actively involved in providing comprehensive domestic and global logistics services within the zone. With extensive logistical infrastructure, East Coast Freight Forwarders offers seamless connectivity across the region, catering to the complex logistical needs of businesses.

Sama Jaya FIZ continues to play a pivotal role in driving technology and manufacturing advancements, with a focus on fostering industry collaborations, providing strategic infrastructure, and offering a conducive environment for businesses to thrive and innovate.

Additional Details for Sama Jaya Free Industrial Zone

  • Total area: 813 hectares
  • Land tenure: Leasehold 60 years
  • Key industrial sectors:High Tech & Electronics Industry, Green Technology
  • Airport: 11 KM to Kuching Air Port
  • Nearest population centre: 9.1 KM to Kuching Main Town
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