Tanjung Agas Oil & Gas and Logistic Industrial Park

Malaysia - Taman Industri Minyak & Gas dan Logistik Tanjung Agas

Tanjung Agas Oil & Gas and Logistic Industrial Park Malaysia Taman Industri Minyak & Gas dan Logistik Tanjung Agas. 丹戎阿加斯石油和天然气物流工业园. タンジュンアガスオイル&ガスおよびロジスティクス産業団地. 탄중 아가스 오일 앤 가스 및 물류 산업 파크. منطقة تنجونج أغاس للنفط والغاز واللوجستيات الصناعية.

Tanjung Agas Industrial Park, strategically located approximately 10km from Pekan and 50km from Kuantan, is poised to become the premier supply base and marine services hub for the oil and gas industry in Malaysia. With a vast planned area of 1,710.1 hectares and a coastal distance of 7km along the beach, it offers modern and comprehensive facilities to meet the industry’s needs. The park’s infrastructure, including roads, bridges, drainage systems, and street lights, has already been completed.

This RM2 billion industrial park aims to establish itself as a state-of-the-art one-stop center for the maritime, oil, and gas industry in the country. Alongside commercial and residential projects, the development includes a wide range of facilities such as warehouses, factories, shipyards, major fabrication yards, dredger yards, dockyards, commercial office buildings, LNG/LPG storage, re-gas plants, petroleum storage and blending facilities, refinery, supply base, minor fabrication, oil and gas wharves for refurbishment, repair, and maintenance, integrated waste management plants, CoGen plants, petroleum terminals, and liquid bulk terminals.

Strong Interest from Foreign Investors

The Tanjung Agas Oil and Gas and Maritime Industrial Park has attracted significant interest from foreign investors. Chinese and European companies are actively exploring investment opportunities in this modern one-stop service center and offshore base. Chinese firms, in particular, have displayed strong interest and have visited the industrial hub to assess the layout and potential improvements. European investors, including a company involved in the recreational vehicle industry, are also considering Tanjung Agas as a potential investment destination.

While Tanjung Agas is primarily focused on the oil and gas industry, there is potential for investment in other sectors as well. The Pahang State Development Corporation (PKNP) is actively seeking new investors, although the competitive landscape poses challenges. Efforts are underway to promote Tanjung Agas as an ideal industrial park, and discussions are ongoing with companies to accommodate their specific industrial needs. The development of Kuantan International Airport and the East Coast Rail Link (ECRL) will further enhance the park’s momentum, offering attractive opportunities for investors.

Tax Incentives and Attractive Investment Destination

The state government, in collaboration with the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority and the East Coast Economic Region Development Council, is working to provide attractive tax incentives to investors. Professional tax consultants are being consulted to explore additional incentives that would give Tanjung Agas a competitive advantage over other investment destinations. Despite the slow progress, efforts have been made to attract investors, and the industrial park should not be considered a white elephant. It has been gazetted as an industrial park, and with continued efforts, it has the potential for growth similar to the successful Gebeng Industrial Park.

Key Investors at Tanjung Agas Oil & Gas and Logistic Industrial Park

Several prominent companies have already expressed their interest in participating in the development of the Park. These include Tec-Steel Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Vantech Dockyard (M) Sdn Bhd, Bitari Abadi Sdn Bhd, and USA Tech Marine (M) Sdn Bhd. Their involvement further strengthens the park’s potential and contributes to its success.

Tanjung Agas Industrial Park is positioned to become the leading supply base and marine services hub for the oil and gas industry in Malaysia. With its modern facilities, strategic location, and strong interest from foreign investors, it has the potential to drive economic growth and attract investments in various sectors. The state government’s efforts to provide attractive tax incentives and promote the park as an ideal investment destination further enhance its prospects. By harnessing its potential and capitalizing on its unique advantages, Tanjung Agas Industrial Park can become a thriving center for industry and contribute to the overall development of the region.

Additional Details for Tanjung Agas Oil & Gas and Logistic Industrial Park

  • Land available: 1,438.3 hectares
  • Key industrial sectors: Oil and Gas, Supply Base, Marine Services
  • Wastewater treatment: Integrated waste management plant and CoGen plant
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