Samail Industrial City

Oman - مدينة سمائل الصناعية

Samail Industrial City Oman مدينة سمائل الصناعية، عمان 萨迈勒工业城,阿曼 サメイル工業都市、オマーン 사마일 산업 도시, 오만 सामैल औद्योगिक नगर, ओमान سمیل صنعتی شہر، عمان সামাইল শিল্প শহর, ওমান Samail Endüstri Şehri, Umman

Samail Industrial City, established in 2018 and affiliated with the Public Authority for Industrial Estates (Madayn), has emerged as a significant industrial hub in Oman. The city is strategically located to attract factories seeking expansion opportunities in close proximity to the capital, Muscat, and the Rusayl Industrial Estate. This strategic positioning aims to contribute to the development of the Al Dakhiliyah governorate and bolster the national economy.

During the first six months of 2023, Samail Industrial City achieved notable growth, signing 15 contracts to localize projects over a total area of 100,000 square meters, with investments amounting to OMR13.5 million. The city currently hosts a total of 156 localized projects, including 94 projects in the production stage, 43 under construction, and 19 projects in the preparation stage of plans and drawings. The total investment in these projects amounts to OMR150 million, covering a total area of 2.2 million square meters.

Infrastructure and Sectoral Development at Samail Industrial City

The city has been divided into several sectors, including the food sector, logistics sector, building material sector, steel and wood sector, plastic and paper works sector, marble sector, and the entrepreneurs sector, among others. Additionally, Samail Industrial City has initiated collaborations with partners to market the services building center, covering a total area of 16,000 square meters and offering rent space of over 12,000 square meters. This center serves as an investment outlet aimed at facilitating the procedures for approvals, permits, and licenses required by investors’ projects.

Samail Industrial City has also entered into agreements with various entities to further its industrial capabilities. Notably, an agreement was signed with Gulf Petrochemical Services and Trading to establish a steel industries plant on an area of 181,000 square meters, with an initial investment of OMR3 million for the first phase of the project. Furthermore, the city is designed according to the latest international standards, taking into account environmental, civil defense, social, and recreational requirements to achieve an integrated live-work-play model.

Future Prospects and Collaborative Efforts

The city is set to open the Medical Fitness Examination project in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, with an expected completion date in the near future. Samail Industrial City continues to attract a diverse range of industries, offering a conducive environment for businesses to thrive and contribute to the region’s industrial growth.

Samail Industrial City stands as a testament to Oman’s commitment to fostering industrial development and creating a conducive environment for businesses to flourish and contribute to the national economy.

Additional Details for Samail Industrial City

  • Total area: 760 hectares
  • Land available: 530 hectares
  • Key industrial sectors: Building materiales, food stuffs, steel and furniture, marble.
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Key Tenants

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