Sughd Free Economic Zone

Tajikistan - Зонаи иқтисодии вохӯрӣ ва вазоратии Суғд

Sughd Free Economic Zone - Tajikistan Зонаи иқтисодии вохӯрӣ ва вазоратии Суғд - Тоҷикистон Сугдская свободная экономическая зона - Таджикистан 苏格德自由经济区 - 塔吉克斯坦 スグド自由経済区-タジキスタン 수흐드 자유 경제 지대 - 타지키스탄 Sugd Serbest Ekonomik Bölgesi - Tacikistan Suhd Ozod Iqtisodiy Zona - Tojikiston

Established in 2009, Sughd Free Economic Zone (FEZ) is a bounded territory of Khujand, offering special legal status and favorable economic conditions for both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. Covering a total area of 320 hectares, Sughd FEZ operates as an industrial and innovation zone, providing special customs and tax regimes, along with a simplified procedure for registering entities or residents within its territory. The interference of public authorities with financial and economic activities is strictly prohibited, except in cases specified by the law of Tajikistan.

Governance and Legal Status of Sughd Free Economic Zone

The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade serves as the authorized state body governing the activity of free economic zones in Tajikistan. Meanwhile, the administration of the Free Economic Zone performs management functions within the territory of Sughd FEZ. It is important to note that Sughd FEZ is a part of the customs territory of the Republic of Tajikistan, and goods placed within its territory are considered outside the customs territory, thereby exempt from customs duties, taxes, and other prohibitions and limitations of an economic nature.

Infrastructure and Business Development

Sughd FEZ offers a range of resources and facilities to support business development. This includes access to international transportation infrastructure such as the Khujand International Airport, the Khujand and Spitamen railway stations, and the Dushanbe-Khujand-Chanok international highway. Additionally, subjects within the FEZ are provided with resources for land use, including production, storage, and office premises, at a nominal rent of 1 US dollar per 1 sq.m. Furthermore, the government allocates funds for the multistage construction of infrastructure and the recovery of existing communications annually.

Priority Projects at Sughd Free Economic Zone

Sughd FEZ is actively pursuing priority projects, including the construction of a railway from Spitamen station to the FEZ, as well as the creation of a logistics transport center and a business support and innovation center. The latter is planned to offer a range of services, including training, consulting, audit, valuation, and legal services, along with the provision of office space and assistance in finding partners and financial institutions. Notably, the recent introduction of a polypropylene (PP) bag production plant in the Sughd FEZ has created 300 new jobs for local residents, demonstrating the zone’s commitment to economic development and job creation.

Sughd Free Economic Zone represents a significant opportunity for both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs, offering a range of incentives, resources, and infrastructure to support business development and economic growth.

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Zavod Polietilenovyye Truby “Real”

The company “Real” specializes in the production of polyethylene pipes, insulated aluminum wires, and watering hoses. They have been engaged in the production of polyethylene pipes since 2003, manufacturing pipes with diameters ranging from 15 mm to 630 mm for water supply, sewage, and gas pipelines used in various sectors of the national economy of the Republic.

The company holds a compliance certificate from Tajikstandart and a hygiene certificate for the produced polyethylene pipes. With production capacities allowing the processing of up to 1 thousand tons of polyethylene granules per month, “Real” is a significant player in the manufacturing of these products.


Aluminium and PVC profile systems.

Established in 2008, the company has become a leading supplier of aluminum profiles and components from Turkey to Tajikistan. In June 2013, a significant milestone was reached with the opening of an extrusion-based aluminum profile manufacturing plant, introducing a range of systems for windows, doors, and facades. This marked the first large-scale metallurgical plant since Tajikistan’s independence in 1991.

In November 2019, the company successfully launched new production lines for PVC systems for windows and doors. Today, LEGA holds the position of the largest manufacturer of aluminum and PVC profile systems in Tajikistan, producing systems of varying classes. The company’s commitment to European quality standards is demonstrated through relevant quality certifications.



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