Navoi Free Economic Zone

Uzbekistan - Navoi erkin iqtisodiy zonasi

Navoi Free Economic Zone Uzbekistan Navoi erkin iqtisodiy zonasi O'zbekiston Навои свободная экономическая зона Узбекистан 纳沃伊自由经济区乌兹别克斯坦 ナヴォイフリーエコノミックゾーンウズベキスタン 나보이 프리 에코노믹 존 우즈베키스탄

Navoi Free Economic Zone (FEZ) presents exceptional business opportunities in Uzbekistan, offering a host of competitive advantages. Encompassing 564 hectares near Navoi city, a key industrial hub in Uzbekistan, Navoi FEZ I operates under a special legal regime, encompassing tax, currency, and customs regulations, along with substantial exemptions from various mandatory payments.

To foster a conducive environment for investors, enterprises within FEZ Navoi benefit from comprehensive infrastructure support, including robust transportation networks, engineering communications, and occupational safety measures. Strategically positioned near the international airport, E-40 highway, and international railways, Navoi FEZ maximizes the advantages of a multimodal transport and logistics center. The region boasts abundant mineral resources, ensuring a stable supply for manufacturing activities.

Foreign investors are presented with diverse business opportunities and significant competitive advantages within Navoi FEZ. The expansive 564-hectare territory is situated in close proximity to Navoi city and within 100-175 km from major urban centers such as Bukhara and Samarkand. Special legal provisions, encompassing taxation, currency exchange, customs regulations, simplified entry procedures, and work permits for non-residents, further enhance the appeal for investors. The FEZ offers extensive tax and customs benefits, creating an environment conducive to business growth.

To facilitate optimal conditions for investors, Navoi FEZ enterprises enjoy a top-tier infrastructure, including robust transport systems, utilities, safety protocols, and employee-friendly environments. Positioned near critical transportation nodes such as the international airport, E-40 highway, and key railway lines, Navoi FEZ leverages its multimodal transport-and-logistics hub efficiently.

Varied Activities at Navoi Free Economic Zone

Navoi FEZ accommodates a diverse range of economic activities, focusing on the production of high-tech, globally competitive products. Key sectors include the production of electrical products, telecommunication equipment, machine building, medical products, food processing, plastic and polymeric products, high-tech materials, ready-made garments, deep processing of agricultural products, environmentally safe chemical industries, and other currency-earning, export-oriented ventures.

A significant development occurred on May 15, 2019, when the President of Uzbekistan declared the entire Navoi region a free economic zone (FEZ). Spanning 110,800 sq. km., the region, situated centrally in the country, is rich in precious metals, tungsten, phosphorites, basalt, kaolin, quartz sand, cement raw materials, limestone, and other minerals. Already a hub for mining, chemical, and energy industries, the Navoi region hosts major enterprises like Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Plant, Navoi Thermal Power Plant JSC, Navoiazot JSC, Kyzylkumcement JSC, and boasts the largest air cargo terminal in Central Asia—Navoi International Airport, operated by Korean Air.

Additional Details for Navoi Free Economic Zone

  • Total area: 564 hectares
  • Key industrial sectors: Electrical products; telecommunication equipment; instrument-making and production of component parts; manufacture of medicinal products and medical devices; • processing & packaging of food products
  • Tenants: Agrofresh
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Companies of Navoi FEZ

UzEraeCable” LLC JV (Korea)
Specialization: Production of automobile wires and battery cables

UzEraeAlternator” LLC JV (Korea)
Specialization: Production of automobile generators and compressors, stators for generators

O`z Minda” LLC JV (India)
Specialization: Production of automobile OEM components

Polietilen Quvurlar” Branch Company (Uzbekistan)
Specialization: Production of PE pipes

Polipropilen Quvurlar” Branch Company (Uzbekistan)
Specialization: Production of PP pipes, fittings, and other products

Telecom Innovations LLC JV (Singapore, China)
Specialization: Production of Set-top-box, ADSL modems, and Home gateway equipment

Navoiy Hunan Pulp” LLC JV (China)
Specialization: Production of hygienic goods

Agrofresh LLC JV (UAE)
Specialization: Storage of fruits and vegetables

“KO-UNG Cylinder” LLC JV (Korea)
Specialization: Production of gas cylinders (CNG)

Ariston Thermo-UTG LLC JV (Italy)
Specialization: Production of heating boilers

Specialization: Production of synthetic washing tools

Azia – gormash LLC JV
Specialization: Production of drilling chisels

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