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Suryacipta City of Industry Suryacipta Kota Industri, Indonesia 印度尼西亚苏里雅奇普塔工业城 インドネシアのスリャチプタ産業都市 مدينة صناعية سورياسيبتا، إندونيسيا 인도네시아 수랴치프타 산업 도시

Suryacipta City of Industry, a member of the Surya Internusa Group, manages a fully integrated 1,400-hectare industrial estate in Karawang, West Java. Located just 1.3 km from the “Karawang Timur” toll gate on the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road, it offers easy accessibility for businesses.

Situated at the heart of West Java’s industrial belt, Suryacipta provides an ideal setting for businesses due to its convenient accessibility and connectivity. The estate serves as a gateway to the northeast region of Thailand, attracting global and Indonesian companies for industrial development.

Diverse Industries at Suryacipta City of Industry

With over 31 years of industrial development experience, Suryacipta offers industrial land for sale to accommodate various industries. Boasting 150 global and 50 Indonesian companies, it serves as a strategic location for businesses aiming to penetrate the Indonesian and international markets.

Suryacipta’s industrial area features a fiber-optic network, water and wastewater treatment plants, substantial gas and electricity supplies, and an underground sewage system. The 1,400-hectare land is equipped with a 50-meter-wide primary road network, ensuring efficient transport and distribution for tenants.

The estate’s proximity to major transport options, including airports and seaports, enhances its appeal. Notable tenants like Daihatsu, Nestle, and Isuzu trust Suryacipta for their manufacturing activities. The location’s strategic advantages, coupled with government-supported programs like the Direct Construction Investment Service, make it a prime choice for investors.

Sustainable Development at Suryacipta City of Industry

Suryacipta prioritizes sustainable practices, evident in its water treatment plants and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment systems. With an underground sewage network, the estate is committed to minimizing its environmental impact.

Suryacipta provides a world-class fiber-optic network, facilitating seamless communication for Industry 4.0 High Tech Manufacturing Companies. Tenants benefit from uninterrupted water, gas, and electricity supplies, ensuring operational efficiency.

Investors looking to acquire industrial land at Suryacipta can navigate a simplified process. Obtaining the required license from national or regional One-Stop Integrated Service (PTSP), conducting a land survey, and commencing construction while concurrently applying for permits enable a smoother investment journey.

Strategic Positioning for Business Advancement

With a massive industrial land area, Suryacipta offers businesses competitive logistics costs, efficient operational expenses, and increased productivity. The location’s strategic proximity to major national infrastructures positions it as a catalyst for business advancement.

Suryacipta supports industry growth through government-backed initiatives like the Direct Construction Investment Service (KLIK). This program allows investors to initiate factory construction even before obtaining all necessary permits, streamlining the overall process.

Suryacipta City of Industry stands as a testament to decades of industrial development experience, offering a conducive environment for businesses to thrive. Investors seeking a strategic location with comprehensive facilities and sustainable practices will find Suryacipta a compelling choice for their industrial endeavors.


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