Tanjung Emas Export Processing Zone

Indonesia - Zona Pemprosesan Ekspor Tanjung Emas

Tanjung Emas Export Processing Zone Indonesia Zona Pemprosesan Ekspor Tanjung Emas. 丹戎埃玛斯出口加工区. タンジュンエマス輸出加工区. 탄중 에마스 수출 가공 지구. منطقة تجهيز التصدير تانجونج إيماس. तंजुंग इमास निर्यात प्रसंस्करण क्षेत्र।

Tanjung Emas Export Processing Zone (TEPZ) is a bonded zone and export processing zone managed by PT Lamicitra Nusantara. Located within the Tanjung Emas Harbour in Semarang, Central Java, TEPZ spans 30 hectares and offers newly developed supporting facilities. Its strategic location is complemented by its proximity to the highway, city center, and airport, making it an ideal choice for businesses.

Since its establishment in 1993, TEPZ has been providing comprehensive facilities and services to investors and manufacturing exporters. With an on-site Customs Office, TEPZ offers fast and easy procedures for licenses and permits. Export processing within TEPZ is duty-free, with no value-added tax (VAT). Furthermore, there is no pre-shipment inspection required for imported machinery or materials. TEPZ strictly adheres to the concept of only allowing clean and non-polluted industries within its premises.

Benefits for New Investors at Tanjung Emas Export Processing Zone

TEPZ extends several benefits to new investors looking to establish their industries within its premises. These benefits include tax exemptions for export-oriented goods, quick access to the port due to its location within the port area, streamlined import and export administration processes, and access to cheap and abundant Indonesian natural resources for selected industries.

TEPZ’s competitive advantages have attracted foreign companies from various countries to invest and manufacture their products within its premises. Some notable companies include Maitland Smith Indonesia and Nostalgia from the United States, Metec Semarang (Kubota Group), Sumitomo, Nakatsuka, and Kanekici Intac from Japan, John Glove from Germany, Luxindo Nusantara (EssilorGroup) from France, Korina Semarang and For Hope Indonesia from Korea, and Anggun Indonesia, Cedrateks Indah Busana, Richtex Garmindo, Victory Apparel Semarang, and Mulya Garmindo from Hong Kong. Additionally, Glory Industrial Semarang II, Fortunemax Garment Semarang, Grand Best Indonesia, and Pioneer Electrical from Taiwan, as well as Norwest Industry from India, have also chosen TEPZ as their manufacturing base.

Regional Economic Generator

TEPZ has emerged as a project for the industrial relocation of developed countries. With over 20,000 workers employed within the development, including the multiplying effect derived from these industrial activities, TEPZ serves as a regional economic generator, contributing to the growth and development of the surrounding area.

In addition to its manufacturing facilities, TEPZ offers office spaces and standard factory buildings for rent. The office spaces range from 140 m² to 280 m², with mezzanine options available. Information regarding these spaces can be provided upon request. The standard factory buildings have a ground floor area of 72 M x 23.375 m² per unit and can be rented for a monthly fee starting from USD 2.50/m²/month, excluding 10% VAT. Lease contracts are available for a minimum tenor of 3 years and beyond.

With its strategic location, comprehensive facilities, and attractive benefits, Tanjung Emas Export Processing Zone (TEPZ) is an ideal choice for manufacturing exporters seeking a competitive edge in the global market.

Additional Details for Tanjung Emas Export Processing Zone

  • Land available: 3 hectares
  • Electricity supply: Capacity 1,100 MVA 
  • Internal road system: Main Road (width)30 m Secondary Road (width)11 m
  • Seaport: 300 metres Tanjung Emas International Port
  • Airport: 6 km (Ahmad Yani International Airport)
  • Ready built factories: Min 3,050 sqm/per unit Standard Factory Building
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