Tafeileh Industrial Estate

Jordan - تافيلة المنطقة الصناعية

Tafeileh Industrial Estate Jordan تافيلة مدينة الصناعة، الأردن - 塔费莱工业区,约旦 محله صنعتی تافیله، اردن タフィーレ工業地域、ヨルダン 타 펠레 산업 지구, 요르단 Промышленная зона Тафиле, Иордания

Tafeileh Industrial Estate is the new addition to the industrial estate portfolio of Jordan Industrial Estates Company.

Tafeileh Industrial Estate, strategically located on the road connecting Tafila to the Amman-Aqaba road, is a thriving center of industrial development. Situated 22 kilometers away from Tafila city, this estate covers a total area of one million square meters, with the first phase already developed on 500,000 square meters. The construction of the first phase includes standard factory buildings spanning a total area of 10,042 square meters.

This industrial estate is well-suited for various sectors, including food, pharmaceutical, engineering and metallurgy, chemical, paper, packaging, and light industries. To further support industrial growth, the company’s Board of Directors has approved incentives and reductions in sales prices and rentals for developed and standard factory buildings.

Tax Incentives and Benefits at Tafeileh Industrial Estate

Registered enterprises in the developmental zones of the estate enjoy tax benefits and incentives. For licensed manufacturing industries with a local added value of at least 30%, the tax rate is set at 5%. Additionally, income tax for registered enterprises in the development zone is 10% of the taxable income for activities and projects other than licensed manufacturing industries.

Tafila, the capital of Tafilah Governorate, is a vibrant city located 183 kilometers southwest of Amman. Known for its green gardens adorned with olive and fig trees, as well as grapevines, Tafila has a population of 27,559 people. The city boasts two phosphate and cement mines, which serve as significant sources of income for the country.

The climate in Tafila is characterized by long, warm, arid summers and cold, snowy winters. Throughout the year, the hot season lasts for approximately 4.3 months, while the cool season spans around 3.1 months.

Incentives and Support for Industrial Investments

To further enhance the investment environment and attract industrial investments across various sectors, the Cabinet has approved a package of additional incentives for Tafeileh Industrial Estate. These incentives include:

Price Subsidies on Electricity: Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) at the estate benefit from subsidies on electric power prices, with discounts ranging from 25% to 75% for a period of ten years.

Satellite Factory Program: The estate is included in the Satellite Factory program, offering subsidies of 50% of the minimum wage, payment of social security subscriptions, and transport stipends for a duration of five years.

Port Fee Reduction: The cost of handling export containers at the Aqaba port is subsidized by 50% for a period of five years, provided that the goods originate from Tafeileh Industrial Estate.

Conditions and Criteria for Investment

To qualify for the incentives and benefits, investors in Tafeileh Industrial Estate must meet certain conditions and criteria, including:

  • Starting production within two years from the date of signing the rental or selling contract.
  • Ensuring an added value of not less than 30% (Jordanian Origin).
    Hiring labor from Al-Tafileh Governorate, with a minimum of 10 workers for small industries and 50 workers for medium industries.
  • Committing to a training plan in cooperation with labor-related entities.
  • Submitting a letter of guarantee to ensure compliance with the criteria and conditions.

Tafeileh Industrial Estate, with its attractive incentives, developed infrastructure, and supportive environment, offers a wealth of opportunities for industrial growth and success.

Additional Details for Tafeileh Industrial Estate

  • Key industrial sectors: food, pharmaceutical, engineering and metallurgy, chemical, paper, packaging and light industries

Tafeileh Industrial Estate
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