Al-Mafraq Industrial Estate

Jordan - منطقة المفرق الصناعية

Al Mafraq Industrial Estate Jordan منطقة صناعية المفرق الأردن 约旦麦拉夫工业园区 אזור תעשייה אל-מפרוק ירדן Индустриальный парк Аль-Мафрак, Иордания 알-마프락 산업단지 요르단 アルマフラク工業団地ヨルダン

Al-Mafraq Industrial Estate is located within the King Hussein Bin Talal Development Area (KHBTDA) in Mafraq. The estate was launched in 2016.

The estate is situated 60 kilometres to the northeast of Jordan‘s capital Amman. It isat the nexus of a modern highway network connecting Jordan with Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

Al-Mafraq Industrial Estate is strategically positioned within an area functioned as an industrial center and inland port stretching across 21 square kilometers. There is an adjacent functional airport and a future railway system.

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Details of Al-Mafraq Industrial Estate

  • Roads network (internal and surrounding) of total 20 km length
  • Water Network with 16,000 ml of ductile pipes.
  • Sewerage network of 14 km length and (200-400 mm) diameter pipes and household connections of 2,200 m length
  • Storm water drainage components
  • Electrical and telecommunication networks
  • Waste water treatment plant with 2,100 m3 per day capacity

Requirements for purchasing plot of land or (SFBs) at Al-Mafraq Industrial Estate

  1. Contact (ISB) for submitting the request of purchasing a land.

  2. The request will be transferred to the Land and Property Directorate for studying and specifying the total value of the land or ready building after 48 hours from the date of submission.

  3. The investor replies to the acceptance by paying the amount of the required land or (SFB).

  4. The Engineering Department will prepare the required documents for the land’s sale. These documents will be submitted to the Land Registration Department related to the Industrial Estate and will then be returned to JIEC management.

  5. JIEC contacts the Land and Survey Department requesting the approval of the Prime Minister’s Office on selling the property.

  6. Upon the approval of the Prime Minister’s Office, a representative of JIEC will accompany the investor to the Land and Property Directorate for land registration transfer.

  7. JIEC will start with the necessary documentation upon obtaining the clearance of paying the accrued amount.

  8. The transfer of ownership will take place after 48 hours from the date of payment.

  9. The investor should pay to the Land Registration Department what amounts to 6% from the land value as registration fees.

Key Tenants at Al-Mafraq Industrial Estate

Retaj Pharmaceuticals Industries

Retaj Pharmaceuticals Jordan, established in 2010, is a GMP-certified pharmaceutical company focusing on non-branded generic pharmaceuticals for local and international markets. With FDA-approved facilities and a leading Cephalosporin plant in MENA, Retaj excels in oral solid dosage form manufacturing. Committed to quality and regulatory standards, they offer finished pharmaceutical products, toll & contract manufacturing services. Managed by an experienced team, Retaj fosters a culture of learning and innovation, valuing employee contributions. They welcome global partnerships, leveraging their expertise and modern facilities for mutual success. Retaj’s dedication to quality, innovation, and collaborative growth positions them as a trusted player in the pharmaceutical industry, both regionally and globally.

Aroma Chemical Company

Aroma Chemical Company, specializing in NPK fertilizers, established its modern plant in 2020 with state-of-the-art production and packing lines. Equipped with advanced laboratories for rigorous raw material and product analysis, they prioritize quality assurance. The factory produces various water-soluble fertilizers, suspensions, and specialty products for optimal crop nourishment, ensuring high production levels. Currently meeting local, Middle Eastern, North African, and CIS market demands, they aim to expand into East Europe and West Africa soon. Aroma Chemical Company’s commitment to modern technologies and quality control cements its position as a reliable provider of top-notch fertilizers in regional and international markets.


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