Tay Bac Cu Chi Industrial Zone

Vietnam - Khu Công nghiệp Tây Bắc Củ Chi

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Củ Chi Industrial and Commercial Development Investment Corporation oversees the development of the Northwest Củ Chi Industrial Park. It unfolds in two phases, each with distinct characteristics and approvals.

Phase 1: Initial Development

Spanning 208 hectares, Phase 1 attracted 44 investors, including 19 from foreign countries. This initial phase sets the foundation for industrial growth.

Phase 2: Expansion Plans

Covering 173.24 hectares, Phase 2 received approval through Decision No. 5058/QĐ – UBND TP.HCM on October 2, 2012. Compliance with regulations involves meticulous legal preparations for compensation and resettlement procedures. Funds from this issuance will fund expansion-related compensation and resettlement.

Industrial Park Infrastructure and Services

Established by the Government under Decision No. 405/TTg on 11/06/1997, Tay Bac Industrial Park prioritizes a diverse range of services. In addition to its focus on labor and import-export services, the park invests in waste collection, water supply, wastewater treatment, and more.

Noteworthy Tenants at Tay Bac Cu Chi Industrial Zone

Unilever Vietnam Factory: A significant presence in the industrial park.
Tan Hung Phat Nano Chemical Joint Stock Company: Engaged in the production of paints, varnishes, and coatings.
Kova Paint Co., Ltd (NTNN): Specialized in manufacturing paints, varnishes, and printing ink.
Hansae Vietnam Co., Ltd: A corporation with consistent growth and global presence, transitioning into an innovative fashion design company.

These tenants contribute to the diversified economic landscape within the industrial park, reflecting sustained growth and stability.

Additional Details for Tay Bac Cu Chi Industrial Zone

  • Total area: 208 hectares
  • Land tenure: Leasehold expiry 2048
  • Year opened: 1997
  • Seaport: Cat Lai Port 52km 
  • Airport: Tan Son Nhat International Airport 33km