Al Muwaqar Development Zone

Jordan - منطقة الموقر الصناعية

Al Muwaqar Industrial Estate Jordan منطقة الموقر الصناعية

Al Muwaqar Development Zone stands out due to  its strategic location along the international highway that links Jordan with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The estate is 12 Km east of Al Muwaqar town, 24 km south east of Abdullah II Industrial Estate in Sahab and 340 Km away from Aqaba portAl Muwaqqar Development Zone was established in 2012 on an area of 122 dunums. Its aim to meet the growing demand by investors for the services of Sahab Free Zone, which could not be expanded due to lack of adjacent land

The overall area of the estate is 250 hectares. The first phase of the project occupys 118.7 hectares. The estate aims to strike the right balance between the needs of business and industry. The area has also been equipped with modern facilities. These include an internal road network, electricity, modern telecommunication network, sanitation. Plus drainage, as well as a water treatment plant. The estate will be developed over several phases by JIEC based on best international standards.

Additional Details for Al Muwaqar Development Zone

      • Total area: 250 hectares.
      • Key industrial sectors: Electronics, Medical, Food and beverage, Electrical Engineering, Cardboard, Textile, Metal, Wood, Chemical.


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    Benefits in Development Zones including Al Muwaqar Development Zone

    1.  Income tax shall be (5%) of the taxable income of the registered enterprise realized from its economic activity within the development zone.
    2.  Income tax shall be (5%) of the taxable income of the registered enterprise realized from its economic activity in the industrial sector.
    3.  Exempted from sales tax are forklifts. Vehicles intended to transport ten or more persons including the driver.
    4.  Registered enterprises that exercise their economic activity in the development zone shall enjoy exemptions from custom duties except for export duties, service fees and wages due in accordance with the legislation in force, on: materials, equipment, machinery, supplies, and construction materials involved in the construction, furnishing and equipping of all types of projects that are established by these enterprises in the development zone, including spare parts needed for their continuous maintenance as well as goods imported to the development zone for the purpose of practicing the economic activity or exported therefrom outside the Kingdom.
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