Bishkek Free Economic Zone

Kyrgyzstan - Бишкек эркин соода аймагы

Bishkek Free Economic Zone

Bishkek Free Economic Zone is the main economic zone in the Kyrgyz Republic. It has attracted a number of garment and other manufacturing companies. The zone was established in 1995. There are some customs exemptions but generally incentives are patchy.

Total area: 340 hectares

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Economic attractiveness

Companies that are residents of the Bishkek FEZ are exempt from sales tax, land tax, property tax and profit tax.

Favorable geographical location

Raw materials and goods imported into the Bishkek FEZ from the territory of the EAEU and the Kyrgyz Republic are not subject to customs duty.

Free access

Free access to the markets of the EAEU countries. When exporting goods to the market – 0.25% of the customs value of the products. The intervention of fiscal state bodies is not allowed.

Developed infrastructure

Electricity, water supply, sewerage, Internet, telephone, transport, railway tracks, airport and much more.

Availability of the raw material base

More than 100 types of products are produced on the territory of the Bishkek FEZ.

Qualified labor resources

Security, construction, heavy machinery, banking services, special currency regime and much more!

Types of products are produced on the territory of the Bishkek FEZ

Electric converters.

Paint and varnish products.

Building materials and PVC

Sewing products

LED floodlights and underwater lamps

Roofs for swimming pools, filter stations

Solar and heating systems and many others!

Tenants of Bishkek Free Economic Zone

ОсОО «HTIGroup»
Export: The Republic of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Italy
LLC “Эр Эф”
Royal Filters
Production: different filters for vehicles and various equipment.
LLC “National Pants”
ОсОО “National Paints”
Category:  Paint and varnish products
Production: paint and varnish products in the assortment 
Tel:  +996 312 60-02-00
MISCELLANEOUS, Paint and varnish products
1) White Stork 2) Taytay baby diapers 3) Balakay baby diapers. Paints and varnishes White Stork, we produce premium class baby diapers Taytay Baby and Balakay.
Tel:  +996 312 65 74 69