Cavite Economic Zone

First Cavite Economic Zone Estate Industrial Philippines


Cavite Economic Zone is fully developed with well-paved roads, water and sewer lines, power lines and access to communication facilities and sewerage treatment plant – aeration type lies on a flat terrain of lands geographically within the municipalities of Rosario and City of Gen. Trias. It is created by virtue of Presidential Proclamation Nos. 1980, 2017 and 1259 dated May 30, 1980, September 19, 1980 and June 22, 1998, respectively.

Now fully occupied Cavite Economic Zone is a convenient home to 426 companies in the Philippines.

Additional Details for Cavite Economic Zone

  • Total area: 280.67 hectares
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Notable Tenants at Cavite EconomicZone

O.M Group

At the Japanese group companies O.M. we are producing high-grade pure Tin and Tin alloy from secondary raw materials.
Our business area covers from East and Southeast Asia to over the world.

Our sustainable Tin supply to customers contributes to saving the earth’s ecology and environment. We recycle solder scrap into solder alloys, pure tin, silver, copper, and lead. Furthermore, we dispose of production residues correctly. Our policy is to act to Be “NICE TO THE EARTH”, by effective use of natural resources and less emission of disposal waste.

Since establishment of the manufacturing in Philippines in 1995, other than our tradition of smelting Tin alloys and solder alloys, Company has started refining of Tin and Silver, and expanded our operations to Thailand and Indonesia. Today we continue to deliver our technologies all over the world as a leading company of added value products and to contribute sustainable development in our planet.

J-Film Philippines, Inc.

Processing, manufacture, and sale of synthetic resin packaging material
(1) Manufacture, processing, and sale of plastic film
(2) Printing and manufacture and sale of printing plates
(3) Sale of synthetic resins (polyolefin-based)
(4) Other business activities associated with the above.

J-Film shall strive to develop, manufacture, and deliver quality products that continue to satisfy the needs of society based on its core film formation technologies including inflation and T-die technologies and laminate products in order to maintain stable returns for its stakeholders while contributing to society.

J-Film is dedicated to the provision of superior quality products and furthering its specialist knowledge and technologies with the ultimate aim of becoming a trusted and respected corporate partner.

J-Film shall respect the individuality and creativity of its employees in order to promote an open and enlightened corporate culture that will continue to boldly change and challenge convention.