TECO Industrial Park


德科工业园区 テコ工業パーク 테코 산업 공원 حديقة تيكو الصناعية TECO Industrial Park Philippines

TECO Industrial Park, strategically positioned in Pampanga, Philippines, boasts proximity to major airports and seaports, offering significant logistics cost savings and operational flexibility.

Benefiting from a location 70 meters above sea level, TECO is shielded from floods and typhoons, ensuring a secure and stable environment. The natural protection from the Sierra Madre mountains minimizes the impact of typhoons in Central Luzon.

Infrastructure and Connectivity Advantage at TECO Industrial Park

Spanning 250 hectares, TECO is a privately-owned industrial park registered with PEZA. It enjoys accessibility to highways, expressways, international airports, and seaports, positioning itself as an ideal hub for domestic and international trade.

The well-planned layout, crafted by Taiwan’s Environmental Design Services, aims for international recognition as a sustainable, safe, and environmentally friendly industrial park. TECO accommodates diverse industries, including electronics, engineering, food, energy, paper making, and manpower.

Power Reliability and Future Sustainability

Distinguished as the only industrial park in the country with two cogeneration power plants, TECO ensures its locators access high-quality, reliable, clean, and affordable power and steam. The 135-MW baseload capacity contributes to lower delivered power rates. Future plans include the integration of renewable energy sources like a 20-MW solar power plant and a waste-to-energy power plant.

TECO Industrial Park presents industrial areas for purchase or long-term lease, welcoming interested investors. Additionally, TECO provides administrative assistance, streamlining the permit, license, and registration processes with local and government agencies, facilitating a smooth establishment of business operations.

Additional Details for TECO Industrial Park

Total area:139 hectares

Electricity supply: Only industrial park in the country with two cogeneration power plants.

Wastewater treatment: Available for all locators in the industrial park is the wastewater treatment and sewer system. TECO expands and upgrades as the need arises.

Water supply: Located inside TECO are water reservoirs which are supplied continuously by strategically located deep wells within the industrial park. This ensures that all locators have a continuous supply of water.

Non-tax incentives: An on-site PEZA office and Bureau of Customs office staffed by authorized officers and personnel are available to cater to the needs of the PEZA-registered enterprises in relation to their import and export clearances.

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Tenants at TECO Industrial Park

Trust International Paper Corporation (TIPCO)

TIPCO, a major player in the Philippines’ paper manufacturing sector, operates with advanced paper machines and eco-friendly facilities. The company’s roots trace back to 1987 when it acquired its first Dominion-built paper machine from Canada.

Located in TECO Industrial Park, Mabalacat City, Pampanga, TIPCO’s paper mill spans 37 hectares. The journey began with the installation of the first paper machine in July 1987, marking the realization of a dream.

Over the years, TIPCO expanded its capabilities by adding more paper machines, producing diverse grades such as newsprint, printing & writing, and packaging. The company’s commitment to technological advancements is evident in its continuous pursuit of high-performance and high-quality paper products.


GDMP, established in 1963 under GOTO Professional Coil’s vision, specializes in coil production. Focused on customer satisfaction, GDMP combines creativity and accumulated technology to deliver coils meeting diverse needs.

The company actively engages in the development of new technologies and materials, striving for high-performance and high-quality coils. Notably, GDMP’s coils, utilizing regular electric wire, find applications across various fields, showcasing their versatility and reliability.

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