TECO Industrial Park

TECO Industrial Park (TECO) sits in one of the best strategic locations for domestic and international trade in the Philippines. It is located in the province of Pampanga. The industrial park is just 7 km to 80 km (20 minutes to 60 minutes) away from major international airports and seaports in the country. This gives locators significant savings in logistics costs, improved operational efficiency and flexibility in shipping points for their import and export requirements.

TECO is located in an area that is protected from natural calamities in the form of floods and typhoons. The terrain of TECO stands at about 70 meters above sea level. It has not experienced any flooding in the last 100 years. With regards to typhoons, although the Philippines is visited by about twenty (20) typhoons a year, Central Luzon where TECO is located is rarely significantly affected. This because of its natural protection from the Sierra Madre mountains found at its eastern side.

TECO has the distinction of being the only industrial park in the country with two cogeneration power plants. These power plants which are both connected to the National Grid. This ensures all TECO locators enjoy high quality, reliable, clean and affordable power and steam.

Additional Details

Total area:139 hectares

Electricity supply: Only industrial park in the country with two cogeneration power plants.

Wastewater treatment: Available for all locators in the industrial park is the wastewater treatment and sewer system. TECO expands and upgrades as the need arises.

Water supply: Located inside TECO are water reservoirs which are supplied continuously by strategically located deep wells within the industrial park. This ensures that all locators have a continuous supply of water.

Non-tax incentives: An on-site PEZA office and Bureau of Customs office staffed by authorized officers and personnel are available to cater to the needs of the PEZA-registered enterprises in relation to their import and export clearances