For the past 25 years, GEMOPOLIS has been know as “The Production Home of World Top Jewelry Brands.” The 25 hectare land has been The world end-to-end ecosystem center of nearly 200 gems and jewelry factories. Recently, Gemopolis extends further to other LIGHT INDUSTRY, such as, trading office and service.

From a remote farming area of Bangkok, GEMOPOLIS and 10 km vicinity has evolved to become like a new downtown of Suvarnabhumi Airport Zone. Currently, daily commuter in and out of GEMOPOLIS is over 20,000 people. The population near GEMOPOLIS is over 100,000 people.

GEMOPOLIS has been designated a perfect place for high value product open broadly for trading, commercial, services and manufacturing in Bangkok City. With strong support on both tax and non-tax privileges as well as regulated business leniency, Thai government intended to encourage both local and foreign investors to move into GEMOPOLIS and perform business operations within a single compound.

Additional Details

  • Key industrial sectors: Jewellery, Fasion & Accessories, Medical Eqipment, Medicines, Sports Equipment, Stationery, Toys, IT
  • Workforce: 20,000
  • Free trade/bonded area: 25 hectare Frre-Tax Zone
  • Commercial space: 50 -100 sqm office space available with 100% foreign-owned trading