Jababeka Industrial Estate

The Jababeka Industrial Estate lies in Kota Jababeka, a 5,600 township. This is PT Jababeka Tbk’s flagship development, which contains industrial, residential and commercial estates.

Covering approximately 1.700 hectares of land area, Jababeka Industrial Estate has become Indonesia’s most range of high quality facilities and services. It is designed fully-equipped, with a complete and modern infrastructure with a capacity that can support the various industrial sector and housing communities. It meets international environmental standards.

Since its establisment in 1989, Jababeka has been acknowledged as the most successful industrial estate in Indonesia in terms of attracting multinational companies (MNCs), leading local companies and SMEs. Together with The President University campus, the industrial estate provides an ideal ambience and working environment for a modern industrial community. This now consists of a workforce of 730.000 people that work for more than 2.000 companies from 30 countries. These include the USA, Japan, Korea, UK, The Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc.

Additional Details

  • Electricity supply: Supplied by 2 private power plants, Bekasi Power (own by Jababeka group) and Cikarang Listrindo. And state-owned electricity with total capacity 1000Mw
  • Wastewater treatment: WTP I : Daily capacity is 24.365 m3/day. WTP II. Daily capacity is 10.800 m3/day Total 35.165 m3/day. Expandable up to 42.000 m3/day
  • Water supply: WTP I : Daily capacity is 40.600 m3/day. WTP II : Daily capacity is 23.000 m3/day Total 63.900 m3/day. Expandable up to 72.600 m3/day