Kaltim Industrial Estate

Kaltim Industrial Estate (KIE) was established on August 29, 1990 in Bontang by PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur (PT Pupuk Kaltim). Initially, KIE was engaged in the management of industrial estates which provided land for various natural gas-based companies in the Bontang area and its surroundings. Now after more than 25 years, PT KIE has developed into a diversified firm based on five business pillars, namely: Industrial Estate, Engineering and Construction, Property, Concrete and Trading. The commitment of the leadership of PT KIE to continuously improve the quality of business processes and understand customer needs, as well as the full support of PT Pupuk Kaltim are key factors for the success of PT KIE in developing these businesses.

Additional Details

  • Total area: 246 hectares
  • Seaport: Karingau 124 km
  • Airport: Sepinggan 247 km
  • Nearest population centre: Bontang 13 km