Kawasan Industri Rancaekek

Kawasan Industri Rancaekek منطقة الصناعة رانكايك Industrial Area 兰查埃克工业区 란차에케크 산업 지역 ランチャエック工業地域


Situated across an expanse of 200 hectares, with ongoing expansion plans, Kawasan Industri Rancaekek offers an ideal environment for diverse business operations. Its strategic location has garnered significant attention and is projected to attract a multitude of investors. Notably, the area features readily available buildings, measuring 1,500 square meters each, which are open for either lease or purchase, catering to small and medium-scale industries. Moreover, a range of land sizes is also available for direct sale.

For those considering industrial plots (excluding the 3 in 1 area), options are available from a minimum of 5,000 square meters up to more than 1 hectare, offering flexibility to suit various requirements.

Diverse Industries Thriving in Kawasan Industri Rancaekek

The industrial landscape of Kawasan Industri Rancaekek boasts a diverse spectrum of thriving companies. Noteworthy names among the establishments include:

PT. Aichi Tex Indonesia: A textile enterprise.
CV. Bakery Mekar Wangi: Engaged in the food industry.
PT. Budi Agung Sentosa: Specializing in warehousing.
PT. Citramas Aditama: A player in the textile sector.
PT. Daeindo Transindo: Focusing on warehousing.
PT. Ewindo: Dedicated to cable manufacturing.
PT. Gaha Green Garment: Involved in textile and garment production.
PT. Garuda Food: Operating within the food industry.
PT. Gracia Pharmindo: A pharmaceutical company.
PT. Gramedia: A notable name in printing and publishing.
PT. Iwaki Glass Indonesia: A manufacturer of laboratory equipment.

Facilities and Support for Industrial Growth at Kawasan Industri Rancaekek

Kawasan Industri Rancaekek offers a range of facilities to foster industrial growth. These include:

Electrical supply up to 16.5 KVA from PT. PLN.
Two telephone lines from PT Telkom.
Maintenance of common facilities such as street lighting, roads, drainage, replanting initiatives, and landscape upkeep.
Supporting amenities like construction equipment, fire extinguishers, clean water supply, 24-hour security, a polyclinic, ATMs, and a mosque.

Strategic Location and Accessibility

The industrial zone benefits from wide roads that ease access. Positioned just 5 kilometers from the Cileunyi toll gate, it also boasts proximity to the Gedebage container terminal, which plays a pivotal role in the logistics of goods transportation. Furthermore, it is approximately 100 kilometers away from Jakarta.

Human Capital and Academic Excellence

Kawasan Industri Rancaekek enjoys the advantage of access to a skilled workforce due to its proximity to esteemed educational institutions such as the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) and the University of Padjadjaran Bandung (UNPAD).

West Java’s Vision: A Champion Province through Innovation and Collaboration

The province of West Java is dedicated to positioning itself as a champion through innovation and collaboration. Its comprehensive mission is structured around various focal points:

Forming Pancasila-ist Human Beings: Strengthening the role of religious institutions to shape individuals with strong ethical foundations.
Developing Civilized and Qualified Citizens: Innovatively enhancing public services for well-rounded, happy, and productive citizens.
Promoting Sustainable Development: Prioritizing environmentally-friendly growth with enhanced regional connectivity and planning.
Boosting Economic Prosperity: Utilizing digital technology and collaboration to enhance economic competitiveness and equity.
Innovative Governance and Collaborative Leadership: Nurturing effective governance and collaboration between central and local governments.

Kawasan Industri Rancaekek stands as a testament to West Java’s commitment to innovation-driven progress and sustainable development.

Additional Details

  • Total area: 200 hectares
  • Developer: PT Dwipapuri Abadi
  • Key industrial sectors: Textile, warehouse
  • Tenants: Iwaki Glass Indonesia (Japan), Tung Chia Yi (Taiwan), Aichi Tex Indonesia (Japan)
  • Electricity supply: Electricity from PT. PLN up to 16.5 KVA
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