Khed City

Khed City Maharashtra India खेड़ सिटी, पूणे, भारत 科赫市,浦那,印度 케드 시티, 푸네, 인도 ケッドシティ、プネ、インド

India - खेड़ सिटी

Khed City is a 4,200-acre industrial park located in Pune district, Maharashtra, India. It is a joint venture between the Kalyani Group and the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC). The city is designed to provide world-class infrastructure and support services to businesses of all sizes.

Key Features of Khed City

Prime Industrial Land: The city offers clear title industrial land with all the necessary clearances. The land is also well-connected to major highways and transportation hubs.

Excellent Infrastructure: Khed  has a state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes roads, power, water, telecommunications, and security. The city also has a water recycling plant and a well-planned drainage system.

Support Services: Khed City offers a wide range of support services to businesses, including training, education, and healthcare. The city also has a number of shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels.

Strategic Location: The industrial zone is located in a strategic location near Pune, Mumbai, and the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). This makes it an ideal location for businesses that want to reach a large market.

Benefits of Investing in Khed City

Opportunities for Growth: Khed City is a rapidly growing industrial city with a large pool of skilled labor. This makes it an ideal location for businesses that want to expand their operations.

Cost-Effective: It is a cost-effective place to set up a business. The land is relatively affordable, and the taxes are low. The government of Maharashtra is committed to the development of the City. This means that businesses in the city will receive support from the government in terms of infrastructure, incentives, and marketing.

Khed City is a leading industrial destination in India with a bright future. The city offers a unique combination of world-class infrastructure, support services, and strategic location. Businesses that invest in Khed City are sure to prosper.

Additional Details

  • Land tenure: Overall lease for 95 years
  • Developer: Kalyani Group (74%)
  • Tenants: Hyosung T&D, Autogen, Lenze
  • Electricity supply: 40 MW available at site. 100 MW is sanctioned.
  • Water supply: 7 ML storage with necessary distribution network in place. 50 MLD water reservation in process with Government
  • Nearest population centre: 50 kms from Pune city 4,200 acres
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