Lad Krabang Industrial Estate

Lad Krabang Industrial estate near Suvarnabhumi airport โรงงานอุตสาหกรรมลาดกระบัง กรุงเทพฯ ประเทศไทย 拉德克拉邦工业园,曼谷,泰国 ラッドクラバン工業地域、バンコク、タイ 라트 크라방 산업 단지, 방콕, 태국 Промышленная зона Лад Крабанг, Бангкок, Таиланд ready built factory lease 准备好的厂房出租 โรงงานพร้อมใช้งานให้เช่า 賃貸用の準備済み工場 임대용 완공 공장 Bezugsfertige Fabrik zur Miete Usine prête à l'emploi à louer

Thailand - โรงงานอุตสาหกรรมลาดกระบัง"

One of the early industrial estates to be developed in the late seventies. Lad Krabang Industrial Estate is one of closest to Suvarnabhumi International Airport, the main air cargo and passenger hub for the country.

Lad Krabang Industrial Estate (LKIE) stands as a cornerstone of Thailand’s industrial landscape. Boasting over 1,000 factories and a workforce exceeding 200,000, LKIE has evolved into a pivotal player since its inception in 1978 by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT).

Diverse tenant mix

Expansive in scope, LKIE spans 2,600 rai (416 hectares) and comprises three distinctive zones: the general industrial zone, the free zone, and the service zone. The former serves as a haven for diverse industries, encompassing automotive, electronics, food processing, and plastics. Alternatively, the free zone caters to foreign investors, offering a duty-free platform. The service zone extends vital support services like banking, transportation, and warehousing, forming a dynamic ecosystem.

Impeccable connectivity is a hallmark of LKIE. Strategically located near Suvarnabhumi Airport, the estate seamlessly integrates road, rail, and water transportation. A self-sustaining powerhouse, LKIE houses its own dedicated power plant and water treatment facility, ensuring reliable operations.

LKIE contributes significantly to Thailand’s economy, generating substantial annual revenue and furnishing thousands of employment opportunities. Moreover, it emerges as a notable attraction for foreign investment.

In recent years, LKIE embarked on a transformative journey. The IEAT spearheads investments in infrastructure enhancements, enhancing the estate’s allure for businesses. Sustainability is also paramount, with LKIE embracing eco-friendly practices.

Lad Krabang Industrial Estate offerings

Lad Krabang Industrial Estate has emerged as a compelling investment destination. Its strategic location, impeccable infrastructure, government support, cost-effective labor, and access to a burgeoning market make it a favorable choice.

A significant facet of LKIE’s history is its alignment with the past. Lad Krabang was once an area synonymous with rice cultivation, fostering trade via boats laden with rice. The estate’s evolution epitomizes adaptation in the face of changing times.

LKIE’s foundation rests on robust utility provisions, ensuring seamless operations. With power supplied by the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), a water supply facilitated by the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA), and a waste water treatment plant equipped with an activated sludge system, the estate is primed for efficient function.

Situated in Bangkok, LKIE enjoys proximity to key locations like Don Muang Airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport, and Bangkok Port, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Still attracting investors at Lad Krabang Industrial Estate

Recent developments underscore LKIE’s growth. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries expanded its air conditioning factories within LKIE, bolstering production. Meanwhile, Tan Chong International Ltd inaugurated Subaru’s first assembly plant in Asia within LKIE, highlighting the estate’s significance on the regional stage.

Lad Krabang Industrial Estate continues to shape Bangkok’s industrial landscape. Its evolution from rice cultivation to a bustling industrial hub showcases the power of adaptation. As LKIE strides towards a more sustainable and interconnected future, it solidifies its position as a cornerstone of Thailand’s economic prowess.

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