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Indonesia - Kawasan Industri Medan

Kawasan Industri Medan industrial estate 棉兰工业园区,印度尼西亚 メダン工業団地、インドネシア : 메단 산업 단지, 인도네시아 منطقة ميدان الصناعية، إندونيسيا Промышленная зона Медан, Индонезия

Medan Industrial Estate, established in 1988 as a state-owned enterprise, stands as a dynamic industrial center in Indonesia. With a prime location and robust infrastructure, it serves as a significant hub for various sectors, offering a conducive environment for businesses to flourish.

Situated in Medan, the third-largest city in Indonesia, the estate spans an impressive 780 hectares. Its strategic location, merely 10 kilometers from the city center and approximately 15 kilometers from Belawan Harbor, underscores its accessibility and connectivity. Currently, the estate accommodates around 500 companies, fostering a thriving ecosystem of industries.

Project Highlights and Key Facilities at
Medan Industrial Estate

The estate’s profile showcases its commitment to providing top-notch facilities for businesses to thrive. Key facilities that are planned for development include:

The Internal Flood Control System is a comprehensive initiative with an investment value of IDR 114 Billion, funded through direct investment. This system comprises several key elements, including the repair and expansion of existing canals, the introduction of new drainage canals, the implementation of sedimentation and drainage control measures, and the installation of transfer pumps and retention pools. These measures collectively enhance the estate’s flood resilience.

Incorporating a Secondary & Primary External Drainage Network, the investment of IDR 76 Billion is sourced from the State Government and Regional Budget. This external drainage system plays a pivotal role in preventing flooding, ensuring uninterrupted operations within the estate even during adverse weather conditions. Additionally, the Office Tower Development, valued at IDR 169 Billion, is being financed through direct investment. The tower is set to offer various features, such as a commercial area with a tenant rental system, provisions for hotel and conference facilities, and the integration of a modern business and service center.

Medan Industrial Estate aligns its growth with environmental preservation. It recognizes the importance of fostering industrial development in harmony with nature. This commitment reflects the estate’s dedication to striking a balance between progress and ecological well-being.

Strategic Advantage and Potential

Medan Industrial Estate’s strategic advantage lies not only in its location but also in its comprehensive facilities. The proximity to major transportation hubs, including Belawan Harbor and Kualanamu International Airport, ensures seamless connectivity. Furthermore, the estate’s robust infrastructure, including electricity, gas, water, and telecommunication networks, contributes to its appeal as a prime investment destination.

Medan, historically renowned for its tobacco industry, has evolved into a versatile industrial center. With prominent businesses like Musim Mas, Asian Agri, and SMART, the city hosts a diverse range of sectors, including palm oil and rubber processing. Medan Industrial Estate serves as a nucleus for these businesses to thrive, offering the necessary amenities and opportunities.

Opportunities for Growth at Medan Industrial Estate

Medan’s potential extends beyond its industrial landscape. The city encompasses national strategic areas that cater to various development priorities. The Mebidangro metropolitan area, Sei Mangke Exclusive Economic Zone, and Lake Toba National Tourism Strategic Area offer diverse investment opportunities that align with Indonesia’s economic goals.

In the heart of Medan lies an industrial powerhouse—Medan Industrial Estate. With a commitment to sustainable growth, cutting-edge facilities, and a strategic location, it stands as a beacon of industrial progress in Indonesia. The estate’s ability to foster growth while preserving the environment underscores its significance as a prime investment destination.

Additional Details for Medan Industrial Estate

  • Total area: 103 hectares
  • Seaport: 25 km (Belawan)
  • Airport: 15 km (Kualanamu International Airport)
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