Kertajati Industrial Estate Majalengka

KERTAJATI INDUSTRIAL ESTATE MAJALENGKA ( K I E M ), Mekarmulya, Majalengka Regency, West Java, Indonesia Kawasan Industri Kertajati Majalengka 克尔塔贾蒂工业园马查楞卡 ケルタジャティ産業地マジャレンカ 커르타자티 산업지 마잘렝카 منطقة كرتاجاتي الصناعية ماجالينجكا

Indonesia - Kawasan Industri Kertajati Majalengka

Kertajati International Industrial Estate Majalengka (KIEM), strategically situated just beside the Kertajati TOLL GATE exit, holds a prominent location within the emerging REBANA Golden Triangle region. Positioned a mere 5-minute drive from the Kertajati International Airport of West Java, which serves as a vital hub for the fast-growing West Java province in Indonesia, KIEM occupies a significant role in the region’s economic landscape.

Key Attributes of Kertajati International Industrial Estate Majalengka (KIEM)

Covering an expansive 400 hectares (equivalent to four billion square meters) in its initial development phase, KIEM stands poised to emerge as a preeminent International Industrial Estate in West Java. This sizable land allocation demonstrates the commitment to fostering a sophisticated industrial ecosystem that accommodates the province’s burgeoning industrial demands.

The location of KIEM bears strategic importance for investors, offering convenient accessibility to neighboring regions. With a mere 30-minute to one-hour car ride, investors can connect to Cirebon City, the Cirebon Sea port, Bandung City, and Karawang Industrial Estates. Additionally, KIEM stands at a distance of approximately 160 kilometers from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Facilitating these connections are the well-constructed Toll Roads, including Jagorawi to Cipali Toll Roads and the upcoming Cipularang to Cisumdawu Toll Roads, scheduled for opening by the end of 2021. Furthermore, the site’s proximity to the under-construction Patimban Deep Sea Port, located about 80 kilometers away, holds significance as it is anticipated to become Indonesia’s primary export port, alleviating the strain on the Tanjung Prior Port.

Investment Potential and Commitment to Sustainable Growth at Kertajati Industrial Estate Majalengka

KIEM boasts a comprehensive plan, encompassing multiple areas: the industrial area, cluster area, and business area. This layout reflects the meticulous approach to accommodate diverse industries and create a harmonious industrial environment. With an investment value of approximately Rp1.25 trillion (86.6 million USD), KIEM exemplifies an attractive investment opportunity. This project underscores the commitment of PT Dwipapuri Abadi, the developer behind KIEM, to constructing a well-rounded environment that integrates environmental, health, educational, and aesthetic considerations.

Kertajati International Industrial Estate Majalengka (KIEM) positions itself as a pivotal player in West Java’s economic advancement. With its strategic location, comprehensive industrial planning, and commitment to sustainable growth, KIEM provides an ideal platform for investors seeking to harness the burgeoning opportunities in this dynamic region.

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